Kansas State Prison, Lansing Correctional Facility

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Warden Kirk Prather
Photograph of Kirk Prather, Warden of the Kansas State Penitentiary

KSP Twine Plant
Photographic image of Kansas State Penitentiary twine plant

KSP Water plant
Photographic images of water plant at the Kansas State Penitentiary

KSP Man with dog
Photographic image of man and dog outside KSP

Men outside the KSP
Three photographic prints of Walter, Les, and Kirk Prather outside the Kansas State Penitentiary

Man and Melons at the KSP
Man standing in front of a Kansas State Penitentiary truck loaded with melons

Man and Mule at the KSP
Man with mule at the Kansas State Penitentiary

1933 Prison Break weapons
Warden Kirk Prather holding the weapons used by inmates during the prison break that was executed during a baseball game memorial day of 1933. This image was also featured in the September 1933 issue of Master Detectives.

Men around a table
Ten men standing around a table. Warden Kirk Prather on far left.
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