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Copyright and Use

Through online digital collections and exhibits the Lansing Historical Museum is able to further our institutional objective - to preserve and promote history in the City of Lansing. The collections include artifacts and archival materials from the Kansas State Penitentiary, the railroads, and the area now known as the City of Lansing. These materials are made available for education, research, scholarship, and the advancement of knowledge, under the fair use of the United States Copyright Act. Inclusion of any materials on the Lansing Historical Museum’s website and/or exhibits does not imply the ownership of copyright, nor does it transfer a permission to publish these materials by any other user. The absence of copyright or other information on restrictions is no guarantee that a work is in the public domain either in the U.S. or abroad. The Lansing Historical Museum makes no express or implied warranty to others who wish to use or reproduce items found in its collection. It is the obligation of the user to determine and satisfy copyright and other restrictions when making use of materials from the Lansing Historical Museum archives. The Lansing Historical Museum does not charge for permission to use such material and does not grant or deny permission to publish or otherwise distribute public domain material in its collections. While no permission-to-publish fees for public domain items are required, service fees will be charged when the Lansing Historical Museum makes for patrons reproductions of items in its collections or provides high resolution versions of web-accessible items, in accordance with our fee schedule. As a matter of good scholarly practice, we recommend that patrons using reproductions cite the Archive and/or the appropriate web page as the source of reproductions. In making these documents available online, the Lansing Historical Museum acts in good faith. However, we do recognize the possibility that sometimes mistakes happen. If you are concerned that you have found material on our website that contravenes copyright or privacy laws, please let us know. Contact us at your earliest convenience, and we will work to resolve the issue swiftly and amicably and to the satisfaction of both parties.