KSP prisoner 144


KSP prisoner 144


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#144- "Pinkey" Dunn from Sedgwick County. Sentenced to the Kansas State Penitentiary on 03-29-1902 for grand larceny.

The Wichita Beacon, Saturday March 29, 1902
Notorious “Pinkey Dunn” Sent There From Hutchinson
“Pinkey” Dunn, a coffee-colored damsel, who until she got her name on the blacklist in the police station and was run out of the city, caused considerable disturbance in the colored population of Wichita, and whose disposition was a problem that sorely vexed the officers, has finally landed a steady job and will not trouble the officers any more—for a while at least. The following article from the Hutchinson News gives “Pinkey’s” history while away from home:
“Pinkey” Dunn, the only inmate of the female persuasion ever paroled from the Hutchinson reformatory, has returned. “Pinkey” is known in Kansas as the smoked belle of Wichita, and the queen of all female bandits. “Pinkey” has been in trouble ever since she got out of the cradle. A district judge who wanted to play a joke on the reformatory finally sentenced “Pinkey” to the Hutchinson institution.
“Pinkey” arrived in due time with her eye full of mischief and one stocking padded with cigarettes. No provisions had ever been made for handling female prisoners at the reformatory and it was never intended that they should be sentenced to this institution. Unfortunately the wording of the laws governing it did not state plainly that girls could not be sentenced to the Reformatory.
When “Pinkey” Dunn arrived here the board of managers, superintendent and other officers held a council and decided that the only thing to do was to parole her at once, So “Pinkey” was paroled and told to be good.
“Pinkey” has ben in trouble several times since, but it was no use to bring her back only to parole her again. She stirred things up in Wichita several weeks ago, caused a “killing” and was run out.
Recently she broke out in Salina where she held up a man and robbed him. Then she was bundled up and brought back to Hutchinson.
She arrived here yesterday evening and came just right to strike the board of managers in session. They made short work of “Pinkey”. The law has been changed since “Pinky” was first sentenced to the reformatory, so that inmates from this institution may be transferred to the penitentiary. “Pinkey” was just as good for a “transfer” as a male inmate, and they made one of her in short order. She will be taken to Lansing tomorrow.


March 1902


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